Never change a running system…
YES, WE DO. We have downsized our PolyLine Flow polymer preparation station.

Polymer solutions are used everywhere where sedimentation or flotation of suspended solids in water is to be accelerated and the dewatering behaviour of thickened sludge improved, such as in wastewater treatment, paper manufacture, drinking water treatment, and sewage sludge dewatering.
The PolyLine from sera is a series of simple and flexible as well as economical and efficient systems for the preparation of polymers, whether liquid or solid. The stations are equipped with a precise flow measurement for solution preparation and filling level measurement, to ensure the efficient and economical operation of the systems.

PolyLine polymer preparation stations
The PolyLine is available in three different variants, each for use with liquid (variant L) or powdered polymer (variant S) or as a variant for both polymer forms (S/L):

PolyLine Flow
In the 3-chamber system, the polymer is dissolved with water in the first chamber. The product matures in the second chamber. The finished solution reaches the third chamber via the overflow, where removal takes place. Product entrainment is minimised by a process
that is optimally tailored to the task.

PolyLine Swing
The pendulum system tank consists of two separate chambers. The polymer solution is prepared successively in the chambers. After a defined maturing time, the polymer solution is available for extraction. Product entrainment is excluded.

PolyLine Double
In the double-deck variant, the chambers are arranged one on top of the other. The polymer is prepared in the upper chamber. After the maturing time is complete, the fully matured product is drained into the lower chamber. Product entrainment is prevented through the process.

Customer request: more compact version of the PolyLine

Our customers highly appreciate the PolyLine polymer preparation stations and are enthusiastic about their reliability, precision and performance. At the same time, they are safe and easy to operate.
We create added value for people and the environment – we are committed to this credo, and so we work every day to make our customers‘ lives easier while contributing to sustainable business.

In some cases, our PolyLine Flow was a little too big for the desired customer application. After all, the smallest version PolyLine Flow 500 is already one metre wide, almost two and a half metres long and about one and a half metres high. Very compact for what it can do, but
somewhat oversized in some applications. Known for implementing customer wishes, we did not hesitate and designed a smaller version of the PolyLine: The PolyLine Flow Compact. Like all other polymer preparation stations, it is built in the Spanish subsidiary sera Tecnología
Iberia S.L

Fits exactly on a Euro pallet

With a footprint of just 120 x 80 cm, the PolyLine Flow Compact fits exactly on a Euro pallet. This not only makes it cheaper to transport, it is also easier to place on site at the customer’s premises and finds its place in every room and every application. The wall thickness of the PolyLine Flow Compact is also somewhat thinner than that of its big sisters. The lower material costs and less work at sera ensure lower production costs overall. This also makes it more economical for our customers to procure and conserves resources.

Successful product launch at IFAT 2022

We proudly presented the PolyLine Flow Compact as a new product at this year’s IFAT in Munich. Visitors and customers alike were enthusiastic about the compact polymer preparation station and welcomed our approach of not only reducing their costs through material savings, but also creating added value for the environment.

More product details: Standardised Polymer Stations type PolyLine | sera GmbH (sera-web.com)

PolyLine Flow Compact complements the PolyLine range of polymer preparation stations:

  • Compact – Fits on a Euro pallet
  • Saves transport costs
  • Can be placed quickly and easily at the customer’s site